Green revolution initiated in dry land Rakachuli, Jhaltung Dada

9A 28 years Mrs. Bel Maya Saru (Wife of Shiva Saru) belong to the poor peasant Magar ethnic group(disadvantaged and Janjati) in habitant of Rakachuli VDC-3, Birkhe Tadi have had no vegetable farming before. In the name of vegetable she only knows Colocacia(Pindalu) and Yam naturally grown in their field. Since, March 2012 she has been involving in a vegetable model farm promoted by GIZ/STPP/MRC Nepal. Since then in the early month she planted in about 50m2 area of green leafy vegetable Amaranth (Latte Sag). Within 1 month, she started picking the tender stem with leaf to satisfy her kitchen requirement and continued till date (last of April 2012).


She depends on this green vegetable for a month to meet the requirement of kitchen and happily said, this is marvelous for me to meet the need of vegetable with sufficient iron supplement in food (as I have less than 1 year baby). Not only herself, but also she provided the surplus green vegetable to the neighbor too. With sufficient pleasure including her community she encouraged and motivated to be involved in vegetable farming supported by GIZ/STPP/MRC Nepal. She has now bottle gourd, bitter gourd and chilly in her farm demanding irrigation facility.

At the end, she thanked to the GIZ/STPP/MRC Nepal and in her own word express green revolution initiated in dry land Rakachuli, Birkhe Tadi, Jhaltung Dada, Nawalparasi district.

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