No one left behind to look after

14Mr Jaya Bahadur Syintan, a 38 year old resident of a rural village in Makawanpur district in Nepal, introduced himself as a "landless poor having no family members, a flood affected victim". Seven months before the interview, Jaya was troubled by a heavy cough and fever and noticed an uncharacteristic distaste for food. The symptoms progressively worsened to the point that he lost nearly a third of his body weight within six months. His wife and three kids left when his illness left him unable to work and provide for the family.


Revolution of Organic vegetable farming started in Haraiya, Bara district

11Bishnu Maya Shrestha, inhabitant of Haraiya-6 in Bara district, faced much difficulty because of limited financial resources. Her husband, who had gone to Malaysia to earn for the family, fell ill and had to return to Nepal. The family, with two children going to school, faced the lack of enough income to maintain their livelihood.

Now, with the support of UNDP’s Global Environment Facility – Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP), Bishnu and her family have adequate income and live a much better and easier life.


Wake of new life from the vegetable production

5A 36 year old Mr. Bhupendra Pulami Magar (Janjati) husband of Mrs. Yam Kala Pulami Magar of vegetable model farm producer in Dasharathpur VDC Ratatar, Surkhet expressed with great happiness of getting unexpected and attractive income from cucumber planted in early March 2012 in about 400m2 area of very marginal land degraded river bed.


Green revolution initiated in dry land Rakachuli, Jhaltung Dada

9A 28 years Mrs. Bel Maya Saru (Wife of Shiva Saru) belong to the poor peasant Magar ethnic group(disadvantaged and Janjati) in habitant of Rakachuli VDC-3, Birkhe Tadi have had no vegetable farming before. In the name of vegetable she only knows Colocacia(Pindalu) and Yam naturally grown in their field. Since, March 2012 she has been involving in a vegetable model farm promoted by GIZ/STPP/MRC Nepal. Since then in the early month she planted in about 50m2 area of green leafy vegetable Amaranth (Latte Sag). Within 1 month, she started picking the tender stem with leaf to satisfy her kitchen requirement and continued till date (last of April 2012).